Dr. Fiona Spotswood

Dr Fiona Spotswood Associate Professor in Marketing and Consumption at the University of Bristol with a particular interest in marketing for social change, and consumers experiences of exclusion from sport and physical activity.

Her work has focused on exploring the lived experiences of physical activity and sport by women, and particularly mothers. She focuses on the role of marketing and media ‘cultural representation’ in shaping these experiences, and how women engage in ‘media practices’. She is particularly interested in the transformative potential of marketing and media in shaping the way women build relationships with sport and physical activity.

She led the British Academy funded research ‘Gender Injustice in Action Sports’ and also leads Project FIAS (Fostering Inclusive Action Sport) (funded by Policy Bristol), which addresses gender inequality in mountain biking through policy intervention.

She is also a mountain bike leader, runs a children’s mountain bike club and co-leads regular women’s and mixed group rides in Bristol. She was nominated as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling in 2023.