Reframing Mountain Biking 1 st – 2 nd March 2024

Day 1 – The Edge (Fully Catered)

09:30 – Arrival and registration

10:00 -Introduction & Overview of the Day

10:10 Talks by six different speakers discussing trails, inclusion and diversity, climate and image and culture. (See Below)

12:20 – Panel Discussion

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Discipline Specific Discussions (Trail Associations, Diversity and Inclusion, Media & Culture/ Industry)

16:00 – Feedback and identify actions

16:30 – End of day one

17:00 – Optional night ride

Day 2 – Parkwood Springs

10:00 – 15:00 Practical engagement sessions (Trail Work, led rides, skills session for adults and kids, trail clean up and bike tryouts) allowing local residents to have the opportunity to take part in mountain biking activities and feel like that it is something they would like to engage with more in future.

We will also have food provided by Sunshine Pizza Oven.

(10:10) Keynote: Reframing MTBers as Advocates for Trails and Environment.
Lauren MacCallum (Protect Our Winters)

(10:30) Closing the Gender Gap on the Trail.

Fee Wallace (Aberdeenshire TA/DMBinS/NEAT)

(10:50) Developing a toolkit for community led initiatives.

Fiona Spotswood (University of Bristol/FIAS)

(11:20) Social Impact Marketing: Inspire Change, Build your Brand & Reach New Audiences.

Adam Dayson (WorkWith Studios)

(11:40) Understanding the Relationship Between E-MTB, Disability and Green Exercise.

Jim Cherrington (Sheffield Hallam)

(12:00) Getting More People on Bikes Through Sustainable Mountain Biking.

Hans Stoops (IMBA Europe)

Afternoon Update: Emerging Themes from the UK Trails Project

David Evans (Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland)